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Behind the scenes

Advocate of Disruptive Technologies

Roland is an advocate of disruptive technologies with a high interest to demystify them and kindle broad interest in them. He is a big believer of their benefits to humankind. Roland is convinced these new technologies and complex concepts need digestible educational methods to make them understandable, applicable and relevant to all of us. Blockchain technologies and Cryptocurrencies are one of those complex concepts. Cryptocurrencies seem to be a new asset class and should be considered to diversify investment portfolios? Is the Blockchain technology the “fifth evolution” of computing, the missing trust layer for the Internet? Roland gained extensive financial services experience at top tier investment banks. He ran an IT consultancy business, and went to the University of British Columbia in Canada and University in Vienna, Austria. He is an engineer and Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) Charterholder. He has also been working as a financial trainer and discusses crypto and blockchain developments.

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